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Cameroon: Media regulator warns against propaganda in elections reporting

Peter Essoka, President of the national communication council, NCC ©All rights reserved

Below is a press release signed by Councils President.

“The President of the National Communication Council informs media professionals and public opinion that since the signing of the Presidential Decree N°2018/391 of 9 July 2018 convening the electorate for the election of the President of the Republic on 7 October 2018, some media houses in the country have, through their print or audiovisual content, been disseminating propaganda messages laden with remarks that either lend credibility to or discredit certain candidates who have declared their intentions to run.

Considering, on the one hand, that the Electoral Code in force in Cameroon, does not particularly subject media practice relating to candidates’ propaganda to any specific regulations before the start of the electoral campaign, and on the other that, the commencement of campaigns for the Presidential Election of 7 October 2018 is officially set for 22 September 2018,

The President of the National Communication Council, reminds professionals in state-owned and private media, that pending the entry into force on the aforementioned date of the special provisions sanctioning the campaigns, dissemination of information of any kind, is bound to respect the professional canons that underlie journalism practice, namely balance, objectivity and impartiality.”

Done this day, 03rd August 2018 in Yaounde
The President

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