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Cameroon: Media urged to be professional in fight against Coronavirus

Media practitioners have been drilled on better ways to effectively communicate to the population on measures to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

They were drilled at the weekend during a workshop organized by the World Health Organisation in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and UNICEF.

With the outbreak of the virus in the country, several persons have taken to the social media to spread false information either on the prevention or the non existence of the virus-information that most often mislead the public.

The journalists were thus urged to be cautious in disseminating information as well as communicate to give hope to the public rather than create fear and panic.

“We need to have the necessary tools and knowledge in order to communicate effectively to the population about the COVID-19. Thus I think this workshop has given us was we need and it is now left to us to stay professional in our duty of relaying information to the public,” Jules Elobo, one of the journalists at the workshop said.

According to the World Health Organisation, over 1.2 million persons have been infected by the virus worldwide with about 10.000 persons infected in Africa for over 485 deaths.

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