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Cameroon Medical Council finally produces report on death of Kamto’s lawyer

late CRM lawyer Sylvain Souop (c) copyright

The Ad Hoc Committee put in place by the Cameroon Medical Council to investigate the death of Barrister Sylvain Souop, lead lawyer of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement who died under unclear circumstances has finally produced its report set to be forwarded to the Minister of public health.

In a release issued on February 14, 2020, the Cameroon Medical Council says the Ad Hoc committee charged to investigate Bar Souop’s death could not carry out an autopsy on his body due to some reservations from the deceased family.

“The deceased family council forbade us from carrying out some investigations… (Access to his corpse was denied) Nothing was said about his medical file” part of the release reads.

Notwithstanding that difficulty, the release says the twelve-man committee led by Emeritus Prof Emmanuel Eben Mussy discovered there had been lapses observed during Barrister Souop’s medical attendance.

It says after analyses by the Council, those responsible will answer charges relative to the tragedy.

Before the Cameroon Medical Council, the Bar Council announced it had opened a probe to determine the exact circumstances that led to Sylvain Souop’s death. They are yet to publish their report.

Barrister Sylvain Souop died in a hospital in Yaounde on January 16, 2020 under unclear circumstances when it seemed he was not in any form of danger after suffering a fractured arm from a road accident the previous week in the West region of Cameroon.

Published on 10.02.2021

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