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Cameroon Medical Council Proposes Solution to Doctor’s Unemployment

Medics Unemployed

Candidates for the post of president of the Cameroon Medical Council all list the full employment of young doctors among their objectives.


Cameroon has a large scale of unemployed doctors who turn to practice clandestinely . It is in this line that  Théodat Manga who proposes to direct unemployed doctors towards private practice by issuing them with authorisations to set up in private practice. “The time when the state recruited all doctors from medical schools is definitely over,” says this ophthalmologist, who has already proposed a plan of action to lead the CMC for the next three years.

Olga Yvonne Bassong, one of the seven candidates for the presidency of the CMC, makes a similar proposal. She proposes to support young doctors in entrepreneurial initiatives. She also wants to advocate for more places for these doctors in the public sector.

Recruitment quotas for the civil service are currently very limited in view of the number of graduates. In 2022, for example, the government has opened 50 places for almost 300 medical school graduates. Yet the Ministry of Public Health recognises that the shortage of doctors in public hospitals is enormous. About 6,000 positions are to be filled, according to official figures.

Published on 05.05.2023

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