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Cameroon: Doctors fume over ‘salary cut’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Some health personnel in Cameroon have written to the Head of State, Paul Biya to denounce a FCFA 2400 salary cut that corresponds to their technical bonus amid a global health crisis that has claimed the lives of some of their colleagues involved in the fight.

Government medical officers in Cameroon have all witnessed a FCFA 2400 salary cut for the month of July.

According to reports, the amount corresponds to a technical bonus public health personnel have been receiving.

In response to the salary cut, the latter wrote to the Head of State, denouncing the surprise salary reduction that comes at a time when they are still battling against the Coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of some of their colleagues.

Not only do they demand a restitution of their money, but equally an increase in their salary to compensate them for their long years of studies, the complex nature of their job and the efforts they put in to help the country in the face of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

In the letter, the doctors equally mention the fact that their salary is among the least compared to other African nations having the same economic level with Cameroon.

On its part, the Ministry of Public Health through its Human resource chief, Emile Ella Ngbwa has explained that the doctors have been receiving their technical bonus twice since 2002 and the FCFA 2400 cut comes after the clearance department removed it.

Published on 28.04.2020

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