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Cameroon: Mekin hydro-power project going as plan-report

Cameroon is well on track with the development of 15MW hydroelectrical power dam constructed in the Dja and Lobo Division located in the South Region, reports said on Wednesday.

The hydropower project being constructed by the Cameroon-based Mekin Hydroelectric Development Corporation, has a project’s power plant, earth dam, the step-up power plant in the town of Mekin and the step-down power plant in Ndjom Yekomo.

According to media reports, the dam currently contains enough water to supply electricity, although the technical director of the project says the peak period for maximum production of electricity will only be in October 2018.

Going by Giscard Kuete, head of the unit, the computer monitors, examine, detect and recommend repairs of possible damages that may occur on the production cite as well as on electricity transportation lines and power stations.

Kuete explained that the power plant’s turbines supply 63 kilovolts of power to the plant in Mekin, which steps it up to 110 kilovolts, then transports it via high tension cables to the step-down substation in Ndjom Yekomo.

Power distribution

On the other hand, engineers in Ndjom Yekomo ensure the constant reduction of the 110 kilovoltage they receive into 30 kilovolts ready to be sent into ENEO cables for onward distribution to users.

They however have noted that citizens cannot immediately begin to enjoy the fruits of the project due to technical difficulties on the part of ENEO.

Tests have been carried out which proved that the distribution company’s equipment needed repairs and upgrade to distribute the power to targetted Sub Divisions like Meyomessi, Bengbis, Djoum, Mintom, Oveng and surrounding villages of Endom, Somalomo, Mvangan, Nkolmetet among others.

Technical Director of the construction corporation, Charles Nkwawir Shiynteng said Mekin Hydroelectric Development Corporation has reached an understanding with ENEO, which will facilitate provisional reception of the project on April 1, after a final test scheduled to take place in March.

Source: ESI Africa

Published on 28.04.2020

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