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Cameroon : Memvé’élé Dam to Run at Full Capacity Come October 2022

Memve'ele Dam

The end of the construction of the electricity transmission line between Nyabizan  and Yaounde, which will allow the evacuation of the energy produced by the Memvé’élé dam (211 MW), is finally announced for this October 2022.


Cameroon Tribune reports that, this completion of work on the energy evacuation works will allow the Mem’vélé dam, whose work was completed 7 years ago, to inject 150 MW into the Southern Interconnected Network (SIN), which provides electrical energy to six regions out of the 10 that Cameroon has. However, this energy infrastructure will only be able to operate at full capacity at the end of October 2022, once the final adjustments have been made.

But the production of this hydroelectric plant will hardly reach the 211 MW of installed capacity. This is due to the low flow of the Ntem River and variations in hydrology. Investir au Cameroon reports that , there has been a drastic drop in the production of Memve’ele, which went from 90 MW available 24 hours a day during the entire period of the African Cup of Nations (between January and February 2022) to a power of only 30 MW in the evening (between 6pm and 10pm) and to 0 MW outside these hours, a few days later. To solve the problem, the construction of a reservoir dam is already being considered.

Nevertheless, if on this umpteenth date announced by EDC, the Memvé’élé dam is completely powered up, the country’s energy supply will be improved. As a bonus, this will result in substantial savings for the electricity sector. Indeed, Eneo, the concessionaire of the public electricity service, is often obliged to use fuel-gobbling thermal power stations to make up for the production deficit of the country’s hydroelectric dams.

Moreover, under pressure from both the energy deficit and the cost of fuel to run the country’s thermal power stations, the government had to put the Memvé’élé dam under partial power from 14 April 2019, for a maximum production of 90 MW until now.

Published on 03.01.2023

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