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Cameroon: Mezam SDO puts in place security measures to protect persons entering, leaving Bamenda

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Interurban transport vehicles entering and leaving Bamenda in the restive North West region of Cameroon will henceforth be escorted by forces of law and order, a communique from the Mezam SDO reads.

In the release, Simon Emile Mooh sets new rules governing the movement of interurban transport buses entering and leaving Bamenda to ensure the security of persons and their goods.

“All interurban transport vehicles plying the Bamenda-Bafoussam road shall assemble at the Custom Junction by 9am for those leaving Bamenda in the morning and 6pm for those leaving in the evening.”

“From Matazam by 6am for those entering Bamenda in the morning and 5pm for those leaving in the evening to be escorted by the forces of law and order…” the release partly reads.

The SDO for the Mezam Division, North West region of Cameroon warns any person who will not respect these instructions to be ready to face the law in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.

This measure comes in as many buses have recently been attacked by suspected separatist fighters at entry points into the town of Bamenda, with the most recent one being the Amour Mezam interurban transport bus that was set ablaze alongside luggage of passengers.

Published on 03.01.2023

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