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Cameroon: Military crackdown in Bali, Fundong dislodge seperatist fighters

Two men arrested in Bamenda for enforcing ghost towns (c)All rights reserved

Cameroonian military manhunt in Bali, in the Mezam Division and Fundong in the Boyo Division of the North West Region, has nuetralised and dislodge many armed groups presumed to be seperatist fighters, military said Thursday.

During the Military crackdown Thursday, a consignment of weapons was seized from the armed groups and presented to the Governor of the North West region, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique.

According to Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong, Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, the operation was successful thanks to the collaboration of the population. General Agha Robinson said the Cameroonian military can no longer accept the mass atrocities separatist fighters are committing in the region. He stated the army is currently on a no nonsense investigative operation to put armed groups activities to rest and bring the region back to normalcy.

For his part, Governor Lele L’Afrique lauded the the operation and reiterated government’s plans to pursue those he describes as enemy of the states. While reviewing some of the items seized from the Bali, Fundong operation like locally made weapons, knifes, mobile telephones, motorbikes and solar energy panels , the North West Governor said it is about time peace return to the region.

He said the military will continue it’s operations to other parts of the region until all enemies of peace are brought to book.


Published on 10.02.2021

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