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Cameroon: Military tribunal begins hearing case against Maurice Kamto on September 6

Maurice Kamto leads a group of protesters in Douala

The case against the detained leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto and his allies will open at the Yaounde Military Tribunal on September 6, the court has confirmed.

Maurice Kamto, his allies Penda Ekoka, Valsero, Albert Dzongang, Paul Eric Kingue as well as the treasurer of the CRM part Alain Fogue and Michell Ndoki were all dragged to the military tribunal on Tuesday but the case was later set for September 6 pending a verdict by the Mfoundi High Court.

Maurice Kamto and his allies had seized the Mfoundi High Court to challenge the competence of the Military Tribunal to judge civilians as the verdict is now expected before any case can open.

After a long wait at the Yaounde military tribunal, the detainees were all returned to the cells at the Kondengui Principal Prison while waiting for September 6.


Published on 28.04.2020

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