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Cameroon : Mindef Prepares to Replace the 929 Recruits Singled Out For Fake Diplomas


While receiving, on 12 August, the sports medallists of the military competitions organized since 2021, the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defence announced that the places that were freed by the recruits removed from the last recruitment will be put in competition again.


Documents dated 10 August from Mindef revealed lists of people who were struck off the military training for presenting false diplomas. Among these forgers, there are 8 officer cadets, 898 recruits and 43 non-commissioned officers of the army and gendarmerie.

They presented false diplomas for masters, bachelors, baccalaureate, probationary and BEPC. These false documents were discovered “after several careful and rigorous checks carried out with the administrations and institutions in charge of managing official examinations both in Cameroon and in foreign countries where we have used our military missions,” Joseph Beti Assomo said.

Arrangements are being made to replace the forgers with deserving candidates (there are more than 100,000) who meet all the physical and intellectual conditions,” said the Mindef boss, Joseph Beti Assomo. Mindef said that “the army wishes to conduct this operation in all objectivity, without interference from unauthorized persons.

The government member also indicated that “the army and the gendarmerie cannot admit into their ranks cheaters and forgers who try to access them by illegal means.

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