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Cameroon: MINESEC Warns against Expelling Students for PTA Levy Non-Payment


Prof.Nalova Lyonga ,MINESEC boss has warned school authorites over sending students away from campuses due to nonpayment of PTA levy. This warning came up while fielding questions from lawmakers during a question and answer session at the National Assembly.

The law maker Hon.Nanga Marthe had sought to know why PTA levy varies from school to school.” The management of PTA levies in Secondary schools leaves much to be desired and the fact that the levies are sometimes higher than the statuory tuition fee must be a call for concern. Is it not necessary to regulate the amount of money to be paid as PTA levy in Government Secondary  school?” she becons.

Responding to her worries, Pr.Nalova Lyonga first explained that ” PTA is something that started inn the English speaking regions and meant to help schools that do  not have sufficient money. Every school has a PTA levy. People have seen that it helps,so all school want to have one”

The Minister was blunt that PTA is no business.PTA simply helps and and it is based on the need of the school, so the parents put in money to try to help the school.

” With PTA ,you are not lending out money to the school you are helping the school grow, In Douala we put the amount at 25000 FCFA per student.That is the ceiling, The budget of the school should be tailored to the amount of  money that they collect. We cant’t make budgets that are flying off the roofs when the money is  not there” she insisted

She rounds off her response by emophasising that she can not table a standard price for all schools because they have different needs, but the rule is simple ” DO NOT EXCEED 25000 FCFA”.

Key note is ” A school should not send a child away because he or she has not paid PTA. No… they have to find a way of getting the parents understand the importance of paying the PTA” Minister warned.


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mm Published on 01.08.2022

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