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Cameroon: Minister, artistes discuss controversial culture bill

Artistes have been clarified on the recent bills to regulate artistic and cultural associations which were adopted recently at the just ended session of parliament.

This bill has been at the centre of debates and discussion in the artistic world for the past weeks but the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt sought to clarify artistes last week on its relevance.

Thus, a group of artistes led by Prince Eyango was at the Ministry of Arts and Culture as the discussed issues ranging from copyrights to federation of artistes as well as the representation of the nation in international festivals by artistes.

Outlining the advantages of the law, Minister Bidoung Mkpatt told the artistes to focus on making the artistic world a success by proposing ideas which will make the implementation of the law smooth and beneficial to them. On copyrights, he added that government is always on the move to find acceptable solutions which will enable artistes benefit from their rights.

The artistes expressed satisfaction at the explanations from the Minister and promised to make concrete proposals when they meet for the General Assembly of the SONACAM.

The bills regulate cultural and artistic associations in Cameroon were adopted on July 6 by parliament as government seeks to reorganize the sector so as to enable artistes flourish in their arts.

Published on 28.04.2020

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