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Cameroon : Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes grants audience to W.H.O resident representative

Urban governance for health
Dr Habimana Phanuel and Célestine Ketcha Courtes

Their discussion which took place last Tuesday, March 02 was centered on urban governance for health.

Addressing the issue of social wellbeing has been the main talking point between Célestine Ketcha Courtes, minister of housing and urban development and World health organization, W.H.O, resident Representative, Dr Habimana Phanuel.

To tackle the  health problems rocking the population, the international organization is suggesting an urban governance for health project.

The project is said to provide some health determinants and promote the wellbeing of the society. It will give the opportunity to protect the population against public health emergencies.

The health promotion project unfolds itself through the use an intersectoral collaboration. It implies for instance, a sensitization process by enlightening people on the quality of water to be consumed and equally their living environment.

Paying a visit to minister Ketcha Courtes helps then in institutionalising the project in Cameroon. Also, easing a rapid spread to other cities in the country.

To easily implement this project, the W.H.O grabbed a partnership with five major cities around the world. They include Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico), Khulna city (Bangladesh), Tunis (Tunisia) and Douala (Cameroun).

With the help of these towns’ city councils, they are engaged to work at enhancing current mechanisms for participatory urban governance for health.

A project which according to the minister of Urban development fits with the ongoing decentralisation process in Cameroon.

Through decentralisation, we need to build leadership at the local level for them to work with the population and all associations mainly around mayors. This will help in identifying problems and to provide solutions,” she explained.

According to Habimana Phanuel, the project will provide a key contribution to W.H.O’s efforts in scaling up technical and policy advice to city leaders in strengthening urban health

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