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Cameroon: Minister Nalova Lyonga sends warnings to students on teachers assault

Minister Nalova Lyonga
MINESEC warns students on voilence

Following the assault of a female supervisor a the Bilingual High School Nkol Eton by a student on Monday 28 March 2022, the Minister of Secondary Education has called the students and parents to order.

This was during a meeting chaired by eductional actors to draw a time table for a possible catch up with lessons. The news spark up through a video who quickly made the rounds on the web on Monday 28 March 2022, going viral. It shows a tall girl in a school uniform punching, slapping and pulling the hair of a lady in a corridor on the floor of a high school building, in front of young people in school uniforms. While another lady struggled to separate the two, other young people in uniform ran to watch the spectacle like spectators in a boxing ring.

Following the incident that occurred on Monday, March 28, 2022 at the bilingual high school of Nkol Eton during which a supervisor was assaulted by a student of the German A4 class, the Minister of Secondary Education conducted a raid on Tuesday, March 29, 2022,” said a statement read on the national station of the Crtv.

After the incident, “an extraordinary session of the Disciplinary Council was convened by the head of the school on Monday 28 March 2022. At the end of the said council, the student who assaulted the supervisor was permanently excluded,” the Minesec press release informs at the end of a working session with the head of the school on Tuesday 29 March 2022.

In the same communiqué, the minister “reminds parents that any student who attacks a teacher is exposed to a permanent exclusion from his school in accordance with the regulations in force. Pupils are not allowed to bring their mobile phones into the school premises,” said Pauline Nalova Lyonga.

This incident occurs in a context where scenes of violence and deviance are increasingly reported in schools in Cameroon. Attacks on teachers and fellow students by students who often take drugs are common. This other scene also comes at a time when teachers are making numerous demands to improve their working conditions.

Published on 03.01.2023

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