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Cameroon :  Ministry Of Youth Affairs Sets Civic Action Contest

The challenge has just been set up by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education on the sidelines of the youth day celebrated every February 11.

Cameroon has been going through hot and cold these recent years. Between moral problems amidst youths and other security challenges, the country is, according to several specialists, on embers. It is on this basis that the ministry in charge of Youth and Civic Education, for example implemented what it called moral rearmament.

With such an initiative, the ministry has just set up a contest dubbed Civic Action. The competition is open to all Cameroonians without distinction of age and sex. In the statement of the minister of Youth Affairs which organizes the competition, it is pointed out that interested candidates have until February 8 to send their artistic works (videos, picture, paintings, drawings, slams), which will be published on the Facebook page ‘Appel au civism in Cameroon for online voting. The jury set up will award the work which will record more shares and likes ”, can we read.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou specifies in the process that this competition is part of the E-campaign in the fight against incivism. This campaign aims to promote civic and patriotic behavior online, in particular by encouraging populations to accept others and to be tolerant in the context of the resurgence of  hate speech of a tribal nature on social networks.

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