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Cameroon -MINPH : Motorbike Ambulances for Medical Evacuations in Remote Areas

Motorbike Ambulance

These motorbike ambulances have been operational since 11 August 2022. The motorcycle ambulances are 28 tricycles that have been converted into ambulances to transport patients from remote areas in the hinterland to urban health centres.


The tricycles were initially distributed in four regions of the country: Far North (10), North (7), Adamaoua (6) and East (5).The Ministry of Public Health, which is behind this initiative, has not communicated a timetable for the continuation of this project. The only thing that is certain is that the health authorities want to use this initiative to facilitate the densification of the activities of the Emergency Medical Assistance Service.

Similarly, the budget for the acquisition of these motorbike ambulances has not been communicated. The Ministry of public health  merely explained that the tricycles were financed from the ministry’s public investment budget. Unfortunately, this financing mechanism does not allow the Ministry to multiply the production of these ambulances. And it is difficult to know at the moment whether foreign donors have been approached.

Popular opinion has it that the arrival of these motorbike ambulances is variously appreciated. While some welcome the initiative, others fear that these tricycles will soon be abandoned because of poor maintenance or the poor state of the roads.

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