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Cameroon: Missing kids found dead in abandoned vehicle in Douala

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The bodies of two kids earlier reported missing have been discovered in an abandoned vehicle in front of a health facility in the Bepanda neighbourhood in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala.

According to sources, the bodies of the two kids, boy and girl aged six and three years old were discovered early Monday, February 24, 2020 under unclear circumstances.

The father to one of the kids said when they discovered the corpses, the boy was sweating and the girl wet with fresh urines.

Before the macabre discovery, the children had been declared missing since Saturday February 22, 2020 while with their grand-mother at her business premises that happens to be the same place where their corpses were discovered.

“I left the two kids under the tree playing and went to change money for customers. We saw the corpses on the same spot where I started the search after I noticed they were missing. I remember there was this same old car in which we saw their bodies, but I didn’t find them anywhere around it…They could not have been in the car by the time of the search…” The grand-mother said in tears.

According to family members, the children couldn’t have died because they had suffocated in the car due to the state in which their bodies were discovered.

Informed about the situation, authorities and security forces stormed the scene and the latter opened an investigation to get to the root cause of the sudden death of the two children.

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