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Cameroon: Mother discovers son’s body lying in bed in West region

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A mother discovered the body of the son, identified as Thierry, aged 23 lying on his bed Monday June 17 at their residence in Nkongsamba, a village located in the West region of Cameroon, sources have confirmed.

Sources say Thierry’s mother alerted the neighbours and the police when she noticed that the son was no more breathing.

Thierry had just defended his master’s degree in management and was searching for a job, reports say.

The causes of his sudden and early death have not yet been established, though the mother admitted the son did convulse from time to time and was under treatment.

Thierry’s body was taken to the mortuary of the Nkongsamba regional hospital and an enquiry was opened by the police to determine the exact cause of Thierry’s sudden departure to the world beyond.


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