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Cameroon: Mouelle Kombi demands clarifications on shortfall of football teams sport wears

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The Minister of Sports and Physical education Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi has expressed worries on the shortfall of Le Coq sportif wears meant for National football teams and urged the President of the Cameroon Football Federation to provide clarifications.

In a statement addressed to Fecafoot’s President, Seidou Mbombo Njoya, Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi presents the uncomfortable situation which prevails amidst National football teams in relation to the new sport wear.

“Since the declaration of the breach of contract between the Cameroon Football Federation and “Puma” and the announcement of the arrival of a new kit, “Le Coq sportif”, an ambiguous situation prevails in National football teams engaged in competitions…” part of the address reads.

“It has been observed that during official matches or training sessions, the teams put on sport wears stamped “Le Coq sportif”, others stamped “Puma” and some stamped with both brands…In some major sports competitions, there has been a real shortfall of wears and sports kits available for the national teams involved.”

Worried about this state of affairs that could damage the image of Cameroon’s national football teams engaged in international competitions, Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi has instructed Fecafoot’s boss Seidou Mbombo Njoya to clarify the situation and propose effective and durable solutions.

“I invite you to bring to my attention, as soon as possible, all the necessary clarifications on this state of affairs and the possible solutions envisaged to remedy them effectively and on a long term.

This situation comes amidst a tug of war between the Cameroon Football Federation and the Cameroon Professional Football League which is yet to be resolved.


Published on 28.04.2020

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