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Cameroon: Movement of bikes restricted in Bamenda

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The Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique has issued signed a release, restricting the movement of motorbikes in some parts of Bamenda.

The decision comes on the heels of the recent violence in the city in the past week which saw the killing of a police inspector, plunging the town into heavy gunshots for days.
 The governor’s decision comes after  an earlier crisis meeting   held on September 4,2020 by the Bamenda  City Mayor, Paul Achobong,Mezam Senior Divisional Officer Mooh Emile  with representatives of the various syndicates to step up  the protection of the population and their properties.
The restriction of bikes takes effect from today, September 7,2020. The bikes will not be allowed to ply Azire New church – Hospital Round About,Azire Old Church – Hospital Round About,City Chemist -Vertinery Junction,Finance Junction – Foncho Street, Cow Street to Ghana street , T. junction-Commercial Avenue -City Chemist , City Chemist Rendez- vous-Army Rescue-City Council,City Council-Vertinary junction,Foncha street junction-Ntaseng-City Council, Bamenda I Main Market-Governor’s Junction-Finance Junction , Custom Junction-Mile I, City Chemist, Hospital Round About-Food market – City Chemist-Vertinary Junction- Ayaba Hotel, – T Junction etc.
The Governor has called on the population and bike riders to colladorate in order to help restor peace in the town and region as a whole.

Published on 03.01.2023

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