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Cameroon: MP to redirect car allowance to Coronavirus fight

Honourable Nourane Fotsing, Member of Parliament for the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation, PCRN has announced that she will divert her car allowance as newly elected MP to the fight against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

The Government of Cameroon has just ordered the disbursement of 4 billion FCFA for the purchase of vehicles and other accessories for newly elected Members of Parliament, MPs.

In a message circulating on social media, Hon Nourane Fotsing, MP for the PCRN says she will divert her car allowance to the fight against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic which continue to make victims in the country.

“At this moment when our country surpasses five thousand COVID-19 cases with about 171 deaths, permit me announce my intensification of the Solidarite_Covid-19_237 initiative on the national territory,”

“… The vehicle allowance that I will receive will be redirected to this initiative in order to bring more comfort to the population, victims of this ruthless pandemic”. Hon Nourane Fotsing disclosed.

The young politician added that she already has two good cars and adding a third one according to her will be of no use.

Many have been criticising Government’s decision to disburse FCFA 4 billion for MPs at a time when the country has a good number of challenges including the COVID-19 to grapple with.


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