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Cameroon : Music Industry Breeds Rare Gem, On My Mind

Forbin Audry
Forbin Audrey, Releases Single On My Mind

The music Industry despite its loophole still have striving talents. Cameroonian Artist Forbin Audrey  released on November 8th 2022, another single titled On My Mind.



Forbin Audrey is an upcoming artist whose career was officially launched in 2021 with the release of her Ep titled NENE. ‘’It’s been a journey of self discovery and growth since then’’, says the artist. The single On my Mind has being on repeat on various music platforms. Audrey works under Reta Music and is Produced by one of Cameroon’s top producers Sango Edi. ‘’They do a pretty good job at keeping me in check and making sure my artistic career makes progress.’’

She quest for a better version of herself and her artisitic works , a thirst which inspired her single On my Mind. ‘’ It’s written as a letter to a higher version of myself.’’


Cameroon over the years has nursed and raised so many young talents. Some died, others blossomed. Despite the impacts of major musical labels, the new generation does not seem to be running towards immediate success. Instead they desire the stabilisation of their career through sustainable ecosystems.

They face challenges deeply rooted in the industry. issues of copyright management, lack  of performance venues and other issues that are often released into the public arena. However,  these signs of distress have not discouraged those pursuing a career in music as it can be traced so far with upcoming shooting star  Forbin Audrey. To see her dream  come to fruition, she and her team strive at redifining the music  industry in Cameroon.

Indeed, since 2010, we have seen the birth of many independent local labels in Cameroon.  Recording studios have become increasingly accessible. It has not escaped anyone to notice the large number of artists of the new generation who are shifting the scene. The best known are  Tenor, Aveiro Djess, Ko-C, Kameni, Stanley Enow, Tzi Panchak, Mr Leo, Jovi, Salatiel, the list goes  on.

The voice in the rythms, On my Mind despite being at the genesis of her career the artist does generates  income so far through  live performances and events.While building a circuit for paid partnerships, advertising contracts, sponsorship, and more. Audrey is an Engeener who remains attached to Arts ‘’Im open to exploring as fully as I can all aspects of me. Right now I’m more inclined to artistic expression but that might change tomorrow and that’s ok’’.

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