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Cameroon: Mystery surrounds ‘reported death of Ambazonia’s Field Marshall’

It is one of the stories that sent social media wild after the Head of Staten’s traditional address to the nation on December 31, 2018- the reported death of the most dreaded ‘Ambazonia Field Marshall’ of Lebialem.

Just hours after Paul Biya announced Cameroon soldiers will be authorised to ‘neutralise’ any Ambazonia fighter who does not drop his weapon, a twitter account attributed to that of the Cameroon army popped up with the announcement of the death of Lekeaka Oliver aka ‘Field Marshall’.

Since the announcement, there have been various versions confirming or debunking the information but the twitter account has maintained its veracity.

However, a spokesperson of the ‘Interim Government’ of the Ambazonia separatist movement Chris Anu has firmly denied the information as he insists the ‘Field Marshall’ is still alive.

Analysts say his death will represent a big win for the Cameroonian army and a dent to the separatist fighters especially in the Lebialem Division where soldiers have faced difficulties due to the hilly topography which enables the separatist fighters to take cover.

Cameroon soldiers have recorded ‘big wins’ in recent months with the killing of two kingpins of the armed separatists namely “General Amigo” and “General Ivo”, killed in Belo and Kumba respectively.

However, their deaths have done nothing spectacular to calm down the war in the troubled anglophone regions as analysts say only a genuine dialogue can solve the conflict.

Published on 10.02.2021

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