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Cameroon: Nachtigal Bridge over Sanaga River opened to pedestrians

Bridge before completion of works (c) copyright

The newly constructed Nachtigal Bridge over the Sanaga River linking Batchenga in the Lekie Division to Ntui in the Mbam and Kim Division of the Centre region of Cameroon has been opened to pedestrians.

The ceremony to open up the new bridge to pedestrians took place today in Batchenga, Lekie Division of the Centre region of Cameroon under the chairmanship of Public Works Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Nganou Djoumessi described the new bridge as a symbol of Cameroono-French cooperation which will greatly ease economic and cultural exchanges between the People of Batchenga and those of Ntui in the Centre region.

He equally disclosed the bridge which will replace the ferry is a key infrastructure on the Batchenga Ntui, Yoko and Lena to Tibati road project as its completion will shorten the distance from Yaounde to Ngaoundere.

The 400 metre bridge which reportedly benefitted from FCFA 12.8 Billion funding from the French Development Agency will as from February 2020 be opened to vehicles as well.

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