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Cameroon: National Assembly adopts two bills

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The national Assembly has adopted the bills on radiological and nuclear safety and that on migratory water birds defended by the Minister of scientific research and innovation and the Secretary of state at Ministry of forestry and wildlife respectively.

The two bills were adopted last Friday June 28, 2019 during a plenary sitting chaired by house speaker Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

According to Madeleine Tchuente, scientific research and innovation boss, “the bill on radiological and nuclear safety clarifies the role of the regulatory and control authority whose relevant policy instruments have been strengthened.”

As concerns the bill on the conservation of African Eurasian Migratory water birds defended by Koulsoumi Alhadji, it will enable Cameroon to safeguard a significant part of its rich wildlife heritage through benefits from research and continues monitoring projects.

Koulsoumi was assisted by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of external relations in charge of relations with the common wealth, Felix Mbayu in defending this second bill.


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