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Cameroon- National Assembly: June Session Closes without Budgetary Orientation Debate

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The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, left the National Assembly in the late afternoon of June 5, unsatisfied and annoyed, after the incident that marred the plenary devoted to the budget orientation debate.


The member of the government was content to deliver his speech prepared for the occasion and the plenary ended with an acclamation from the deputies of the presidential majority. The DOB will not take place and the elected representatives of the opposition parties (SDF, PCRN and UMS) left the room in protest.

This is the first time since the law of July 2018 on the financial regime of the State that the DOB will not take place at the National Assembly. The reason for this is a blockade established by the opposition deputies at the opening of the plenary session at mid-day. They reproach the government for not having tabled the text within the time limit prescribed by the law in question. “This law says in Article 11 that we must receive documents before 1 July,” said PCRN MP Cabral Libii.

But it is this July 5 at 10:30 am that the elected officials received three documents: “a medium-term framework document, a report on the macroeconomic situation of the country, a report on the execution of the current budget year,” lists the deputy who stresses that it is a total of 168 pages. It is impossible for them to assimilate all these documents in one hour and to debate them with the members of the government present.

For this reason, the opposition parliaments asked for an adjournment of the BOD . This would in fact correspond to the opening of an extraordinary parliamentary session, as the current session ends on 6 June.

The President of the House, Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, refused to accept the request and, after several hours of consultation, reopened the plenary session. It should be noted, however, that Article 11, cited above, specifies that there is no vote during the BOD.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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