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Cameroon: National Assembly to hold June Session at Yaounde Conference Centre

Entrance to Yaounde Conference Centre (c) copyright

Cameroon’s National Assembly will for the first time since 1965 hold a session out of the Ngoa Ekelle glass house owing to construction works which commenced on the new National Assembly building located adjacent the house in Ngoa Ekelle.

Members of the National Assembly will hold their 2020 June session which kick starts Wednesday June 10 at the Yaounde Conference Centre, building which equally hosts the Senate.

The information was made public Friday in Yaounde by the Secretary General of the Legislative body, Gaston Komba.

This will be the first time since the effective functioning of the Ngoa-Ekelle glass house in 1965 for its members to hold their proceedings in a different place.

The reason being that construction works in view of setting up a new edifice for Cameroon’s National Assembly have kicked off adjacent the Ngoa Ekelle Glass House building.

According to reports, the four hundred-seater capacity tripatite hall of the Yaounde Conference Centre has already been transformed into a house chamber prior to this month’s proceedings.

Published on 10.02.2021

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