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Cameroon-National Day: SDF To Boycott Parade

Boycott 20th May Activities
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For various reasons, the Social Democratic Front in the Center region finds no interest in participating in the May 20 parade, which is made to glorify the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

The Social Democratic Front, SDF was created on May 26, 1990, as opposed to the Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM,  party in power since the independence of Cameroon. Before the festivities marking the 50 years of national unity, the SDF remains faithful to its logic of opponent to the system.

Regarding the parade of May 20, 2022, the SDF reacted in these terms. “Since April 20, 2022, the SDF Center has been invited to send a request to participate in the parade on May 20, 2022. In form and substance, the SDF Center found no interest in it. On the form, it seemed to be a curiosity especially since it was the first time in thirty-two years of existence of the SDF. In addition, a party of federalist essence cannot pledge allegiance to take part in a parade that promotes the unitary state.”

On the merits, on May 20, 2018, with the persistence of the Anglophone crisis, the SDF Center had undertaken to parade shirtless on the boulevard in the presence of the entire community; this demonstration targeted the government of President Paul Biya, which had shown lightness in the management of this crisis; with thousands of soldiers and young separatists killed, nearly four thousand civilians dead, more than 60 thousand refugees inside and outside.

The SDF Center had pledged not to march again just in case, this crisis which destroyed the country in general and our party in particular persisted.

Five years later, the situation is almost unchanged. Nevertheless, at the call of the Senior Divisional officer to take part in the preparations for the parade on May 17, 2022, the SDF Center mandated the departmental coordinator.

Given this situation, the SDF Center will not take part in the 2022 parade and says that any militant or executive who takes part in this parade should be aware of his implicit support for a regime in agony which would like to adopt the state of exhaustion of a man whose thirst to remain in power for all that is proportional to the shame that he is subjecting the twenty-five million Cameroonians in his few public appearances.

The SDF Center deplores that some individuals were used, on behalf of the party, to take part in the rehearsals today and will be present during the parade against heavy financial compensation.

Published on 30.06.2022

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