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Cameroon: National Episcopal Conference says twin elections recorded low turnout

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The National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon has indicated that participation at the February 9 Legislative and Municipal elections was relatively timid throughout the national territory, contrary to reports advanced by the Government.

In a preliminary declaration issued Tuesday February 11, 2020, His Lordship Abraham Kome, President of the religious body disclosed that in a polling station in Sangmelima, South region, just 85 people voted out of 310 names on the electoral list.

To further backup their declaration, His Lordship Abraham Kome indicated that in Batouri, East region of Cameroon, an 80.7% rate of absence was recorded.

Besides the absences, the religious body says cases of violence were recorded in Balachi village, few kilometers from Mbouda in the west region and in Kouseri, Far North region of Cameroon.

This declaration to an extend contradicts that of the minister of territorial administration, the Director General of elections Cameroon as well as some media reports who talked of a massive participation throughout the national territory.


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