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Cameroon: NCC sanctions media organs,suspends journalists again

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Cameroon’s National Communication Council, NCC, has sanctioned over four media houses and suspended at least thirty journalists for unfair reporting.

According to a press release from the Cameroon media regulator, the media organisations and journalists were suspended from one to six months because of unprofessional conduct and refusal to respect norms and ethics of journalism.

“When a journalist comes up with a newspaper article and says a certain minister is known to be running with the prime minister’s wife, how do you take that? It is indecent. It is indecent. And then he lists out that this minister is sleeping with this other minister, how does that help the society? It does not in any way. The media are supposed to play a very, very important role in its development, but then when we take on trivial things and say rubbish about lots and lots and lots of things, it hurts the heart,” Peter Essoka, NCC President reportedly said.

La Nouvelle Expression, La Meteo, L’Anecdote and Amplitude FM were among the media organisations sanctioned this time.

La Metio and L’Anecdote were sanctioned for falsehood against Semme water Director General.


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