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Cameroon: NCC summons CRTV GM after Momo’s anti semitic comments

Charles Ndongo, CRTV GM ©All rights reserved

The General Manager of the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation Charles Ndongo is expected to appear before the National Communication Council on Tuesday following following comments made by a minister on state television that has since angered the Israel Embassy in Cameroon.

Charles Ndongo and the presenter of the program veteran journalist Ibrahim Cherif will both appear before the NCC to clarify the situation.

During CRTV’s weekly magazine show, Actualité Hebdo presented by Ibrahim Cherif, the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice Jean De Dieu Momo described the current political impasse in Cameroon to that of Germany which led Adolf Hitler at the time to gas the jews.

The Israeli Embassy in Cameroon said it was “outraged” by such comments and demanded immediate apology from the government of Cameroon.

While apologising, the Government swiftly dissociated itself from Jean De Dieu Momo through a communiqué signed by the Minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi.

The CRTV GM and presenter of the program have now been summoned to explain how the comments went unnoticed given that the program was recorded.

Published on 28.04.2020

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