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Cameroon needs CFAF40bn to boost cotton production

The rehabilitation and modernization of the Cameroon Cotton Development Corporation (SODECOTON) production facility necessitates CFA 40 billion francs of investment, the general management of the company unveiled on Monday.According to SODECOTON General Director Mohamadou Bayero, out of the CFA 40 billion francs sought to update the production equipment, “CFA11 billion francs are expected in emergency for the company to start operating.”

After more than 50 years of activity, the machines are outdated, and no longer respond to modern production standards, which is a source of demotivation for producers.

Cotton production capacity has decreased from 350,000 tons per year to 200,000 tons at present, while labor and available cultivable land should enable SODECOTON to double its production.

“We are rather limiting the producers, because we are unable to absorb all the production,” said the General Manager for whom the dilapidation of the production tool could cause the company to lose 20 000 tons of cotton.

Because of this situation, several producers mainly operating in North of Cameroon prefer to sell their production to neighboring Nigeria in the black market.

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