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Cameroon: New Agricultural School Announced

It is a factory school that the French agency for vocational training wishes to implement in Cameroon. It will ease the creation of a production environment couple to workshops and various inherent problems of this sector.

The project was presented to the minister of Agriculture, Gabriel Mbairobe. It was Alex Lenoirhead of the engineering sector at the Agence française pour la formation professionnelle (French Agency for Vocational Training), who took the lead on July 6th. The latter explains that it is a factory school which aims to facilitate the integration of the unsafe population.
The factory-school will thus ease the impregnation of pedagogical achievements and promotes practice in real experimental fields. The apprenticeships within this structure will allow young people to integrate the process while acquiring professional gestures.
The project will revolve around learning and promoting professional trades. For the Minister of Agriculture, it is also an opportunity to allow farmers to control the value chains of speculation in the production basins of the Moungo which will serve as a pilot centre for this project. He specifies that this training provided by the French Agency for Vocational Training could strengthened Cameroon’s agricultural development.
The factory-school project appears in a context where Cameroon wants to ensure optimal food security marked by an increasingly growing demand by its population, as indicated by the Minister of Agriculture. Alongside this, there is the need suggested by the minister for seed research on the production of maize. Cameroon wants move on from 30 tons to 40 tons

Published on 03.01.2023

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