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Cameroon: New NCC boss, Joe Chebonkeng promises to clean up media landscape off charlatans

Newly installed Communication Council President, Joe Chebonkeng standing in between PM Dion Ngute and Communication boss, Rene Emmanuel Sadi on the left(c) copyright
The newly commissioned President of the National Communication Council NCC, veteran journalist Joe Chebonkeng has taken the commitment to clean up the media landscape in Cameroon off charlatans.


The media guru took the commitment Tuesday June 29 after he was officially installed into his new functions as President of the National Communication Council by the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute at the Star Building.

Speaking to media men at the end of the installation ceremony, the new NCC boss said many intolerable things are happening in the country in the domain of the press and that it is high time things came back to order.

“I thank God who gave me the opportunity to serve the country again and the Head of State who took the action to place me where I am…I believe that we must work to clean up the media landscape in Cameroon… I therefore commit to clean up the media landscape because there are many things happening in the country that are not tolerable…”

Joe Chebonkeng with family (c) copyright

“The rules are there, we will apply them firmly if necessary…We will educate, we will cajole, we will sanction if need be because this is an honorable profession, that of journalism. We inform, educate and entertain, we have to do that with the social responsibility which is that of the press…” The new NCC boss told media men.

“Be a journalist till the end. We don’t want charlatans in such an honorable profession as journalism which leads to all and that society admires with great pride.” He added.

Appointed last June 4 by Presidential decree, Joe Chebonkeng takes over from media icon Peter Essoka with the mission to fight against hate speech and the propagation of fake news in the Cameroonian media landscape made up of some 600 press organs, 100 radio stations, 30 TV channels and about 500 online and tele-distribution structures.


Published on 10.02.2021

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