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Cameroon: Newly appointed officials at youth affairs ministry put to task

Newly appointed officials at the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education have been challenged to to contribute to nation building through the emancipation of youth.

The challenge was laid to them recently by the Minister of Youth and Civic Edcucation, Monouna Foutsou while installing them into their functions.

They were twelve (12) ocfficials in total;  03 Directors, a Deputy Director, 02 Heads of Services and 06 Head of Office. The Minister equally installed officials recently appointed by the Prime Minister; the new Technical Advisor n ° 2, Mr. Gosseci Gouboubele, Special guidance counselor for schools and universities; following the new Inspector of Services n ° 2, Mr. Missoup Embom Olivier, Principal Advisor of Youth and Civic Education and finally the new Head of the Cooperation and Statistics Division, Mr. Habit Bienvenu Dieunedort, Principal Advisor of youth and animation.

Installing them all into their functions, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education said they have a daunting task that lies ahead of them in helping to implement government policies that enables the socio-economic integration of youth. Among some of the tasks that await them is the implementation of the Three-Year Special Youth Programme which is well on course, as well as other youth programmes piloted by the Ministry.

To all those installed, the Minister called on them to maintain keen vigilance over their responsibilities in implementing the ministry’s roadmap of professionalism, discipline, honesty and professional conscience.

Published on 28.04.2020

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