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Cameroon: Nfon Mukete picks successor

Nfon Victor Eseminsongo Mukete has picked his last son, Prince Victor Ekoko Mukete as his successor to the throne.

Prince Victor Ekoko Mukete, 55, was picked as the new Paramount ruler of Kumba and the Bafaws on Saturday, March 21 during at the palace in Kumba.

The ceremony was which was attended by elders of the council saw Prince Victor Ekoko handed all attritibutes except the palace staff which Nfon Victor Mukete said will be handed over to him in the presence of the administration.

For the moment, the admministration has to confirm the abdication of Nfon Victor Mukete, paving the way for the official enthroning of his successor before his subjects.

Published on 28.04.2020

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