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Cameroon: Ngaoundere University students manufacture cassava, millet beers

Cassava, millet beers (c) copyright
The University of Ngaoundere has launched a campaign to promote two beer brands made from cassava and millet by its biochemistry students under the supervision of Prof Steve Carley Desobgo.


The locally produced beverages manufactured in one of the University’s laboratories have been named after the native appellations of their raw materials, Mbong for that which was made from cassava and Sembe for the one made from millet.

Both beer brands were produced and packaged in Ngaoundere.

According to the promoters, the project is clear proof of the fact that there are other alternatives in terms of raw materials when it comes to manufacturing beer in Cameroon apart from corn which is not always available in the needed quantities for the Cameroonian market.

In 2019, Cameroon recorded a maize production deficit of over 500,000 tons. To make up for this deficit, the country had to resort to importing maize which came with a loss of foreign currency and an imbalance in the balance of trade.

Cassava and millet thus present themselves as excellent raw materials to make up for such deficits in future.


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