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Cameroon: Ngonnso Statue Returns to Nso Fondom After 120 Years

Ngannso Statue in German Museum

Taken away by the Germans during colonisation, German authorities announced in june 27th 2022, it will be handing back the Ngonnso statue to the people of Nso, a Fondom  in the North West region of Cameroon.

The return of the statue comes more than 120 years after it was illegally taken away by  the germans during colonial era. Ngannso is a female figure and founder of the Nso people in Bui division of the North West region.

The news of its return  has left the Nso people with alot of excitement. Those residing in Germany who led the campaign for the restitution of the stolen artifact have reacted to the move.

A native of Nso, Sylvie Njobati said ” I feel really happy that after 120 years of captivity,Ngonnso will be able to go back home finally. Ngonnso is not just a statue but she is a very strong spiritual significance of the Nso people. The statue has been in the German musuem for over  a century”

Several expeditions to get the statue restituted were largely unsuccessful until the announcement was made by the Foundation Board of the Prussian Cultural herritage of its return. Its president Herman Pareinger said ” We could work with the  republic of Cameroon and the representatives of Nso to shape the restitution process”

According to reports, the Ngonnso was taken from the Nso people during the reign of Fon Sehm. It was stolen by the second German colonial commander Hans Karl George Curt Pavel  in 1902 under circumstances that were likely not amicable.

The news of the return has been seen by the Nso people as a massive victory and a well deserved reunion with ” their mother”. To these people, the statue ” is the very essence of what they incarnate as a people and their cultural identity”.

The Ngonso statue now set to return to the oroginal abode is just one of several other priceless heritage stuck in Europe such as ” the Njoka Throne” and ” the Queen of Bangwa‘.



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mm Published on 01.08.2022

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