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Cameroon: Nine-yr-old dies after falling from third floor of school building in Douala

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A class five pupil identified as Sandjong is said to have died after falling off from the third floor of the building of her school in Bepanda, a neighbourhood in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala.


The family of a nine-year-old Sandjong are yet to recover from the shock of the tragic passing away of their little daughter on her school campus Tuesday June 15.

According to reports that are yet to be confirmed, the class five pupil was playing with her mates when one of them mistakenly pushed her down the balcony of the third floor of the school building.

Little Sandjong is said to have died on the spot due to the shock.

She was nevertheless transported to the Emergency Unit of the Laquintinie hospital where she was confirmed dead.

Informed about what had happened, the father of the little girl rushed to the hospital where he says he saw his child “for the last time.”

The body was taken to the Laquintini Mortuary pending burial arrangements.

Some have attributed the fall to the absence of adequate security measures put in place by the school authorities to ensure no child is hurt while playing at the level of the fence at the balcony of the school building.

Investigations have been opened to see into the real causes of the incident.

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