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Cameroon:  North-West And South-West Regions Rocked By Food Insecurity

This picture taken on June 19, 2019 shows a farmer weeding his corn crop in Kwasasi, about 20 kilometres (13 miles) from Lamu town, a UNESCO world heritage site that is the oldest Swahili settlement in Africa, where Kenya's government is planning to build a 981 megawatt coal plant. - In Lamu's town life has changed little over the centuries in this part of Kenya's north coast, however residents fear their pristine environment will soon be blighted by a coal-fired power station spewing noxious gases. (Photo by TONY KARUMBA / AFP)

The population of these two regions suffers from a lack of nutritional resources. This is according to a survey carried out by the Ministry in charge of agriculture.

The South West, North West and Far North regions of Cameroon are suffering from socio-political instability. And the consequences did not fail to follow. Today, 23% of the population of these three regions is in a situation of acute food insecurity.

The information is taken from a survey carried out over the period from January to March of 2022. Established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Minader, the survey is carried out as part of the identification of risk areas and the population in food and nutritional insecurity.
According to the latter, it is therefore a total of 6,082.234 people who are exposed with 2,865.906 million people in a situation of food insecurity. 253,853 others are in the emergency phase and 2,612,054 people are in a state of crisis.
The report explains that this situation is caused due to problems such as the socio-political crisis, which goes as far as that between Russia and Ukraine. Also, climate change manifests itself with, for example, poor rainfall, the destruction of fields by pachyderms and grain-eating birds.
However, remedial solutions exist. The Minader agents, for example, propose the reconstitution and strengthening of the means of production in the priority sectors. They are maize, rice, sorghum, plantain and potatoes among others.
In addition, the fight against food insecurity in Cameroon requires, underscores the report, the acceleration of the popularization of wheat production in the target basins such as that of Bambui in the North-West and also in other regions. For example, there is Wassandé in Adamaoua, Bansoa in Menora and Bangourain in Noun.

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