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Cameroon: North West security forces encouraged to remain positive

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Security Forces in Cameroon’s North West region, have been encouraged to remain positive and put up a strong fight against separatist forces in the region, Cameroon Tribune said Thursday.

According to the report on th National Daily, the encouraging call was made by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defense in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Gallax Yves Landry Etoga.

With numerous stories of kidnappings, killings and rising insecurity in the region, the Secretary of State said government understands the difficult task of the security forces. Gallax Etoga handed financial assistance to those in the hospital and words of encouragement to families. The Secretary of State said government is hopeful that security forces will do everything possible to bring back peace and normalcy in the region.

A similar visit was organised in the the crisis stricken South West region


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