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Cameroon – NorthWest : Clashes between Nigerian Herders , Separatists causes 12 deads

Armed Herdsmen

Clashes between Nigerian herders who crossed the border to find pasture for their animals and English-speaking separatists in Menchum turned out bloody living 12 dead on January 18th 2023.



In the crisis-ridden North-West region, the  Senior Divisional Officer, Abdoulaye Aliou, announced. The clashes began after two herdsmen were killed by separatist fighters, it was learnt.

The Nigerian herders frustrated by the killing of their two herdsmen went back to Nigeria and alerted the other herders, who arrived Gayama and carried out another serious raid,4 separatist was killed including 6 civilians.

The Senior Divisional officer says the government is working towards curbing insecurity in Menchum, as over 100 troops have been deployed to Gayama.

Farmer grazer problem is rocking this region. Separatists are asking for taxes from grazers’ Government has sent troops and the problem will be resolved.

Every year in the dry season, they (Nigerian herders, editor’s note) used to come. They came across the separatists who demanded taxes. When they refused, there were scuffles. In the end, the natives murdered two herders,’ the administrative authority said on state television. The reprisals organised in return by these herders resulted in the death of “four separatists” and six local farmers, including a village chief and his son, according to the same source.

The SDO says that many people fled the area after these incidents. However, he assures that measures are announced to secure the area and to facilitate the return of displaced people. The hierarchy,” he said, “is currently reflecting on how to provide us with a certain number of elements to enable us to place a substantial base in Gayama,” a village bordering Nigeria.

After the attack, pictures of elites from Gayama fleeing to neighboring regions started circulating on various social media platforms. The inhabitants called for help as their cattles and other belongings were destroyed during the attack. This is however not the first time this incident is happening as Ambazonia fighters sporadically clash with Nigerian forces.

Published on 05.05.2023

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