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Cameroon – NorthWest : Elites Reassured after Lake Kuk Return to Normalcy

Lake Kuk

In a statement made on 30th August 2022, the Divisional Officer Abdoulahi Aliou explained that the strange phenomenon of water smelling and color change was due to the heavy rains that have fallen in the region in recent weeks.

To reassure the local population of Lake Kuk, in the sub- division of Fungom, who are worried about the lake changing color and giving off an odor in the vicinity, DO of Menchum has tried to provide explanations. “As explained by scientists, it should be noted that the sudden change observed is due to heavy rains that shook the water level, which caused the particles deposited at the bottom of the lake to rise to the surface,” the administrative authority explained.

Due to the smell that invaded the surrounding villages, the DO added that “the said particles, by rising to the surface, caused chemical reactions that caused the smell in the region”. While inviting the population to remain calm, Abdoulahi Aliou called on them to report any information on a change in the situation.

Lake Kuk

It should be noted that part of the North-West region lies on the Cameroon ridge, named after the series of mountain ranges that run from the Atlantic coast to the Mandara Mountains, south of Lake Chad. According to scientists, the mountains of this ridge are volcanic. These include Mount Cameroon and Lake Nyos. .

Published on 05.05.2023

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