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Cameroon-Norway strengthen cooperation ties

Sideview of Cameroon's capital city, yaounde ©All rights reserved

Cooperation ties between Cameroon and Norway have been revisited in Yaounde with the presentation of a new Honorary Consul General.

Welcoming the new Consul General, the Governor of the Centre Region, Paul Naseri Bea, urged him to continue promoting the good bilateral relations already existing between Cameroon and Norway.

It should be recalled that cooperation between Cameroon and Norway had accelerated with the signing on 30 June 2015 of a memorandum of understanding followed on 28 August 2015 by a commercial contract between the relevant Cameroonian administrations and Norwegian private partners in the framework of technical, economic and financial assistance from the Norwegian Agency Eksportkerditt SA.

On 13 January 2017, Cameroon and the Norwegian bank GIEK signed a credit-buyer agreement in the amount of 37.8 billion CFA, intended to finance the construction, extension and reinforcement of the drinking water supply networks in three cities.

That project was aimed at increasing the additional production capacity in urban and peri-urban areas to about 20,000 cubic meters per day, which will provide drinking water to nearly 250,000 people and increase the service rate in the localities concerned.

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