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Cameroon : NSIF Obliges Social Security Coverage for Domestic Workers

Domestic worker

The National Social Insurance Fund NSIF promises to organise as from september 22nd a control check to ensure the registration and payment of social security contributions by domestic workers.


The NSIF (CNPS)  promises “consequent adjustments, in the strict and rigorous application of all the measures provided for by the texts in force“. But it does not indicate how these controls will be carried out to be effective. According to the organisation, registration and payment of social insurance contributions is a legal, social and moral obligation towards these modest people employed in  houses.

It aims at safeguarding their rights, particularly for the benefit of social services provided by the NSIF  CNPS (family allowances, coverage of occupational diseases and accidents, retirement pensions, etc.). This registration “can be done either at any social welfare centre or directly online on the website“, we learn.

In Cameroon, domestic workers are rarely registered and therefore do not benefit from social security coverage. This is a situation that is often denounced by the National Network of Associations for the Support of Domestic Workers. Most families eventually pick up relatives from the village to cover works in their houses most often without pay. The organisation says to implement firm measures and sanctions against employers who host domestic workers without a matricule.

” I am very happy with this decision is a great relief for all domestic workers out here. I have being working as a servant for over 13 years now and nothing to show for it. I have had employers who refused to get me registered at the NSIF. Now that it is obligatory, i can be assured my  retirement period would be sustainable” says Nganso Jeanette, domestic servant in a house , Mile 17 Limbe.

Meanwhile the question which still ponders many is how the NSIF will go about implementing this new initiative, given our society is not very  organized.

Published on 03.01.2023

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