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Cameroon: NW Region sets response plan to fight Coronavirus

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An emergency response plan has been set up by the Governor of the North West Region to bar the way to the Coronavirus.

The plan is detailed in an order signed by the Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique and sets out several special provisions to help keep the region safe.

The first measure taken by the Governor of the Region is the closure of all the air, land and river borders with immediate effect after midnight . However, the measure shall not be applicable to trucks or boats carrying consumer goods, the Governor said. He also added that check points will be set up at all these borders, to be manned by health workers and security forces in order to screen all those entering the region and dissinfecting passengers.

As concerns socio cultural and profit making activities, the Governor said gatherings of more than fifty people are banned throughout the region while “burials, weddings and funeral ceremonies are discouraged” except “when deemed absolutely necessary and unavoidable”.

He added that religious services of more than fifty persons will not be allowed, inter quarter football tournament prohibited, no over loading while bars, snack bars, night clubs, restaurants and other entertainment centres shall be shut down by 6pm.

He also rolled out several measures ans said administrative officials and security forces will be charged with the strict implementation of the measures and said defaulters will be severely punished as stipulated by the provisions of the law.

Published on 28.04.2020

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