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Cameroon : Over 1,400 State Employees made Redundant in One Year

 The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform Joseph Le, on October 13th announced “the dismissal of 56 civil servants and the dismissal of 859 state employees under the Labour Code.

In May 2021, the Ministry of Public and Administrative reform had dismissed and revoked 493 civil servants and public agents in the context of the litigation phase of the operation of physical counting of State personnel . Joseph Le said at the time that this was the ‘a first group’. This implied that other sanctions would follow. “The respondents who feel they have been unfairly sanctioned may appeal to the Supreme Council of the Civil Service,” he said. He stressed that this operation was part of the fight against “chronic absenteeism” among public servants.

In total, 8,766 public servants are under threat of dismissal, according to figures provided by Minfopra. “Notwithstanding numerous communiqués and formal notices from the Minister of Finance and Minfopra to the respondents, only 601 staff out of 8,766 concerned have deigned to defer to the summonses of the Permanent Disciplinary Council of the Civil Service,” said the member of the government. At the end of their hearings, 177 of the accused were rehabilitated through the reinstatement of their pay or with a warning, a reprimand, a lowering of their grade, etc., we learn. We still have to wait to know the fate of the other staff concerned.

As a reminder, the operation of physical counting of state personnel was initiated in 2018. It aims to identify and expel from the State’s payroll all public servants who are irregularly enrolled due to an unjustified absence, resignation or undeclared death.

Published on 05.05.2023

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