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Cameroon: Over 50 Anglophone detainees return to court today

Anglophone detainees at the Kondengui prison (c)journalducameroun.com

About fifty persons arrested in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon in connection to the ongoing crisis in the troubled part of the country will appear before the Yaounde military tribunal today.

Rhey return to court after their cases were adjourned last month when most of their lawyers failed to show up following their exertions at the Constitutional Council.

However, some of the cases were equally adjourned because most of the detainees did not have lawyers and this could give an opportunity for them to constitute their team.

Other cases were adjourned to enable the prosecuting bench better constitute their files and witnesses as requested the last time out.

Most of the detainees have complained of slow procedures in court that have kept them behind bars for close to two years now.

It is the case with Felix Ngalim who was one of the first Anglophones to be arrested when the crisis started back in 2016 but his case is still marking time.

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