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Cameroon : Over 5,000 kilograms of rotten fish seized from Congelcam in Obala

Sea food seized
Fish Industry facing sanctions

After several complains from the habitants of this locality , an operation was headed by officials from the Ministry of Fishery and Animal industries.

Obala is situated in the Lekie Sub division as on March 25th, Marthe Mebounou , delegate of the Ministry of fishery and animal industry MINEPIA of the above mentioned sub division , Spearheaded an operation to unmaks the sale stale fish in this locality.

Population say they have faced rapid health deterioration due to rotten fish sold amongst other sea foods in Congelcam.

An initiative many applaud the government for.

The Cameroonians Consumers League CCL stand in line to protect consumers and therefore demand concrete explanations from Officials of Congelcam.Accordéon to several videos circulating online , close to 5000kilograms have been set asides and destroyed.

It puts on the front line a United Nations degree No 2011/ 012 of May 6th . Obliging enterprises to provide its consumers with clear information.

Corine Avom is an indigene and road fish for a living. “ for the past months I buy fish from Congelcam to roast and I always get negative complains after. I then decided to change the latter as my supplier and rather went to town or travelled to kribi for better quality fish “ explains the busines woman .

The state , now more than ever questions the monopoly given to Congelcam who for over the past years ha has had number of loopholes.

Meanwhile the scene is not different in other towns like Yaounde.

Fish consumers in Yaounde are increasingly doubting the quality of the product served them in markets these days.

Cold stores have for some time now served customers with not-so-satisfactory sea food which many say just by the eyes, nose and fingers are able to determine the quality.

Most of such sea foods are seemingly not fresh, not clear and with bulging eyes as telltale signs of their state.

The scenario is playing down on business with some customers turning their backs on fresh frozen fish. Over FCFA 25,000 was the amount lost by a household in Yaounde for buying a carton of the Carpe fish which turned out to be all rotten.

Some buy in small quantities however have the opportunity to size-up the situation with their eyes, hands and nose to decide whether to purchase or not.


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